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BSQUARE Announces Affordable Solution to Enable Security on Smart Devices; 'Secure JumpStart for Windows XP Embedded' Provides Rapid Delivery of Secure Devices

09/14/04 at 9:03 am EDT

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 14, 2004--BSQUARE (Nasdaq:BSQR), a leading provider of smart device solutions, introduced today at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), a new security-focused packaged service for device makers. The company also announced that one of its technical experts will deliver a seminar and white paper entitled "Integrating Security into your Microsoft Windows Embedded Device" tomorrow at the Embedded Security Seminar series co-located with the ESC conference in Boston.

With its new Secure JumpStart packaged service, BSQUARE will deliver a bootable Windows XP Embedded operating system image, incorporating the industry's leading embedded security software solution from Sygate Technologies, various applications, and device drivers adapted to the customer's hardware platform. For $9995, the Secure JumpStart service includes ten days of engineering services for integrating the Sygate Managed Security Agent, creating customized group policy security settings, generating a binary Windows XP Embedded image running on the customer's hardware platform, integrating all applicable Microsoft security patches, and porting up to two applications from Windows NT/XP to Windows XP Embedded.

"BSQUARE's Secure JumpStart package builds upon and significantly enhances the security in Windows XP Embedded," said Scott Sedlik, vice president of marketing at BSQUARE. "Any OEM currently manufacturing or evaluating XP-Embedded for network-enabled devices should consider this innovative security solution."

Mike Starnes, a BSQUARE technical expert, will be presenting at the Embedded Security Seminar in Boston, on Wednesday, September 15 from 2:00-3:30pm. A copy of BSQUARE's new white paper on security and Windows Embedded devices is now available at More information on the ESC conference is available at

BSQUARE Security Solutions for Windows Embedded are designed to address customer concerns regarding security of their deployed smart devices. Featuring the new Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded, BSQUARE's Security Solutions offer the highest level of protection available to devices running Windows XP Embedded operating systems. This powerful solution is the first single agent product to market incorporating intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, a stateful firewall, device integrity and centralized management. Sygate's Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded has been specifically designed to minimize the footprint on smart devices such as POS terminals, kiosks, thin clients, ATMs, gaming machines and medical devices. BSQUARE's Security Solutions ensure that authorized endpoints are compliant with established security policy before allowing connection to the network.


BSQUARE is a leading global provider of software, engineering services and consulting for the smart device market. Since 1994, BSQUARE has provided world-class device makers with the building blocks necessary to design, develop, and test innovative products quickly and cost effectively. A sample of BSQUARE customers includes Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, NEC, HTC, Microsoft and others. BSQUARE is one of Microsoft's largest value-added partners worldwide for Windows Embedded software, a Gold-level Systems Integrator of the year and a leading Windows Mobile solutions provider for Smartphone and Pocket PC. BSQUARE is a Texas Instruments-licensed Independent OMAP(TM) (Open Multimedia Application Platform) Technology Center. The company's SDIO Now! technology has been adopted by over 65 top-tier smart device makers. For more information, visit BSQUARE at or call 888-820-4500.

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